Did you know that 90% of the minor or moderate thyroid hormone deficiencies in India go undiagnosed? What is hence required is more awareness, more access to diagnostics and more screening. Thyrocare - world's largest Thyroid testing laboratory and Abbott India have associated with a common mission of enhance the availability and affordability of thyroid screening to general public in general, and women in reproductive age in particular . Friday Thyroid Clinic (FTC) - a concept by Dr. A Velumani, creator of Thyrocare is one step towards making Thyroid as focus for all doctors atleast for one day in a week.

If you are a doctor having a Clinic / Nursing Home / Hospital and interested in becoming a member of this mission, please may register here for becoming an FTC . Thyrocare or Abbott staff would do the needful for you to get the solutions that are essential to do Thyroid practice better.

For details contact your Thyrocare Field Staff or Abbott Field Staff .
Thyrocare : +91-8422813393 ( Mr. Abhinay Singh )
Abbott : +91-9987004185 ( Mr. Avinash Tiwari )