COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Antibody test for SARS-CoV-2 infection is important for understanding the epidemiology of virus among general population. It also aids in identifying groups who are at greater risk of infection.

Nucleic acid amplification by RT-PCR assay or antigen detection tests can detect the presence of virus indicating acute infections, whereas, antibody test determines if the individual was exposed to virus and now potentially immune, or still at risk of being infected and spreading the virus. Antibody test measures humoral immune response (develops in 1-3 weeks) by detecting antibodies.

Although, it does not play direct role in diagnosis, but has significant role in disease monitoring and progression.

In line with this, Thyrocare has launched COVID Antibody test to answer the unanswered queries- A highly accurate and efficient technique for detection of COVID-19 antibodies!

Covid Antibody Detection Assay

  • ICMR approved kit
  • 2 ml Serum
  • No Fasting needed
  • TAT: 24 hrs

COVID-19 Antibody Testing - For the one’s having no way to find if they were sick and now potentially immune, or still at risk of being sick and spreading the virus.

Clear all your queries about COVID infection!