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Fasting blood sugar

fasting blood sugar

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The fasting blood sugar (FBS) test determines the actual concentration of glucose in your blood without consumption of any diet. FBS test is frequently recommended in patients to determine whether glucose levels are controlled by the injection of insulin hormone in case of type 1 diabetes and whether the body is able to use insulin in case of type 2 diabetes. Elevated levels of fasting blood sugar can be an indication of Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. If untreated, can lead to severe health-related consequences like delayed wound healing, damage to the eyes (Diabetic retinopathy), kidney (renal failure), nerves (peripheral neuropathy), and heart (myocardial infarction). Book your FBS Test at a low cost and get a home collection facility.

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Do not consume anything other than water for 8 - 10 hours before the test.

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The fasting Blood Sugar test (FBS) is used to measure the level of glucose in a fasting state (8 to 12 hours) when your blood sugar should be ideally lowest. This test gives us a clue about how the blood sugar level is managed. It is a simple and convenient way of diagnosing Diabetes or checking whether it is in control.

An intravenous blood sample is used for blood sugar testing, and 8 to 12 hours of fasting is recommended.

You can visit our nearest center to avail this test. You can also get this test done in the comfort of your home, for which you can opt for our home collection services while booking.

The main source of glucose is the food we consume, whereas, in the case of fasting, the liver produces and releases glucose in the bloodstream. On the other hand, insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps regulate blood glucose levels and the transport of glucose molecules from the blood to cells.

Conditions like diabetes or Insulin resistance are asymptomatic in the initial stage and may impose severe health impacts in later stages. Monitoring blood glucose levels helps avoid and prevent such serious health problems.

A fasting blood glucose test measures your blood sugar after fasting overnight (8-12 hours). HbA1c test results reflect the average amount of sugar attached to hemoglobin over the duration of 2 to 3 months.

Have you noticed high blood sugar in the morning? It is known as the ‘Dawn effect’- An abnormal increase in the blood sugar level usually between 2am to 8am. This is believed to be an effect of other hormones (called counter regulatory hormones) that increase insulin resistance. This could also happen in diabetic cases where the diabetic medication was missed or the insulin/medication dose was not proper.

The alternative names for Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) test are Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) and Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG).